Adventures in make-up

So, at the age of 47, I have decided to give make-up a shot.

Apart from an experimental period in my teens, make-up for me has meant (a) an inefficient hour in the bathroom preparing for a special event; and (b) inexpertly applied mascara and tinted lip balm on work days. Recently, however, my reflection has startled me when I’ve come across it unexpectedly, and as I’m dead against cosmetic surgery, make-up seems a sensible choice.

I don’t do things by halves. Having sneakily listened in during recent conversations with my make-up wearing friends, I hied me (not without misgivings) to Mecca Cosmetica for a consultation.

Surprise! Things have changed since my teens (although not, as it happens, contouring, which in the olden days we called highlighting). It took 23 products, 11 brushes/tools and 45 minutes to achieve a ‘simple’ day look. No doubt it would have been perfect on the immaculately made up, pearly-skinned, blemish-free 12 year old who cheerfully and enthusiastically patted and blended and dusted layer after layer of product over my face and neck. On me? Well, let’s just say I felt a little overdone, and not a little conspicuous.

That’s not me. But it’s pretty close.

(All those pots and tubes and palettes? All those brushes? It seems like a rather large commitment. At the very least I’m going to have to clear out a drawer. I may need to rethink my strategy.

[21 November 2015]


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