Dreams are weird: now with added Tom Baker and Tori Amos

imageLast night I dreamed I was back at uni – a uni where the buildings were a cross between Oxford and Hogwarts. I had a class, but first I had to go to Graham Gardner’s office, which happened to be in a corner turret at the end of a series of Escher corridors and claustrophobic staircases. His jacket from The Goodies was hanging over a chair.

While I was there, Tom Baker wandered in, wearing his Dr Who hat. In dreamspace, Tom Baker was an academic specializing in Sheffield medieval history, who also just happened to play Dr Who on television. He held me up talking to me about a paper he’d written in Latin that explained why I’d received such a high mark in English. While he talked, students began drifting into the office for a tutorial. I finally escaped & dashed back to my room to collect an essay I’d written for class, only to be held up again by my cleaner, who had misplaced some of my jewellery. And then I found myself jogging effortlessly across campus alongside Tori Amos.

Also included, in no particular order: unsanitary public toilets, flooded paths, missing timetables, flirting with boys and improbably spacious uni accommodation.

Let’s just say it’s been a busy week, and leave it at that.


[16 December 2016]


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