Only in dreams: cobwebby wigs and the etiquette of double dipping

imageLast night I dreamed about double dipping. Seriously. There were other things in there too – a dance rehearsal (I don’t dance); an impromptu dramatic performance (I can’t act); Donald Trump playing basketball (his hair was, in fact, a wig, & I pinched it; he didn’t seem to mind); and an old friend with a hangover trying to arrange a formal dinner – but the double dipping thing was the standout. Continue reading


Only in dreams: lumberjacks and headless dogs

The Sleepers
Dreamers [detail], Albert Moore, 1882
Last night I dreamed I had just bought a new house. It was large and luxurious, with huge windows and richly brocaded curtains. I was running about with a camera taking photos so I could share them with my friends and family, who didn’t know I’d bought it. I was thrilled that I’d been able to afford such an obviously expensive house. As I explored, I kept finding new staircases and little secret rooms.

Time jumped, and my mother visited, sleeping downstairs in the basement with my two dogs. In the morning she let them out through the childproof security gate on the basement stairs. One came running into me in the bathroom, jumping with excitement. I was trying to calm her when suddenly her head came off. Continue reading

Dreams are weird: now with added Tom Baker and Tori Amos

imageLast night I dreamed I was back at uni – a uni where the buildings were a cross between Oxford and Hogwarts. I had a class, but first I had to go to Graham Gardner’s office, which happened to be in a corner turret at the end of a series of Escher corridors and claustrophobic staircases. His jacket from The Goodies was hanging over a chair.

While I was there, Tom Baker wandered in, wearing his Dr Who hat. Continue reading